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Before you order pulp paper coasters… Read This

Our one local landfill takes in at least 3,500 tons of waste per day! That’s just one landfill! Before you order pulp paper coasters, we want you to know that 1,200 tons of that waste – just in one landfill – is contaminated paper pulp. Yes, contaminated. The paper processing chemicals, inks and dyes are often toxic chemicals.

This is one of the reasons we feel so strongly about our product.

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Cut waste & up profits in the Hospitality Industry

The Environmentally Safe Alternative To Pulp Coasters.

Smart and conscientious Beverage and Hospitality companies, like the Fort Lauderdale Blue Martini, one of the hottest martini lounge chains in the nation are looking for solutions that reduce their environmental footprint with regard to paper waste. Jim Marcil, General Manager of Fort Lauderdale Blue Martini says, “Magic Mug Rugs drink coasters work great…and have saved me over $1000 per month in paper products.” The product actually costs much less to use than standard pulp-board coaster that lasts only a few days in a restaurant.Bust Out Products’ new drink coaster Magic Mug Rugs is making a huge impact when it comes to driving down contaminated paper product waste and driving up profits for the Beverage and Hospitality Industries.

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