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Why Ours Are Best

Developed by a bar owner

In 1992, Mike Meier, a third generation bar, restaurant and former Miller Beer distributorship owner wandered into a tavern in the north woods of Wisconsin. The bartender tossed a shaggy hunk of rug under his beer mug.

Realizing this simple home-made ‘coaster’ saved money, reduced waste AND worked better than paper napkins or cardboard coasters, Mike realized the hospitality industry need a similar solution, but with the cleanliness, appeal and sophistication customers demanded.

It took five years of perfecting, but Mike invented and patented the perfect coaster, nicknamed ‘The Magic Mug Rug.’

This is the product YOU, a person in the hospitality industry, would invent. Once you try them, you’ll wonder how you wasted so much money and the earth’s natural resources for so long!


  • Dishwasher Safe & Lasts Forever
  • Reduces Tons of Landfill Waste
  • Full Color Custom Printing
  • Holds 5 X it’s weight in liquid.
  • Saves You Money – Reusable
  • Low Cost Per Coaster
  • Anti Bacterial / Anti Microbial
  • Great Promotional Item
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Super Fast Shipping & Production

Over 750,000 of our ‘Magic Mug Rug’ coasters have been manufactured over the past twenty years. They’re sold in over 500 retail stores in five countries and in over 500 F&B operations.

Please Do NOT Choose Paper

Regardless of what coasters you finally choose to order, please do not add to the filling of our landfills and the waste that the hospitality industry is thoughtlessly creating. Don’t cut down trees and personally put 420,000 rotting, contaminated, methane producing coasters in the landfill EVERY YEAR with YOUR name on them!

Every year the beverage and hospitality industry generates millions of tons of contaminated paper that goes into our nation’s landfills. Despite popular understanding, contaminated paper generated from bev-naps and pulp-board coasters are NOT recycled. Bev-naps and pulp board coasters may be MADE of recycled pulp, but according to since “food is a source of contamination for paper fibers, once contaminated, pulp is no longer recyclable.” According to, it takes about 24 mature growth trees to produce a ton of paper, so the pulp board coasters and bev naps you order will destroy tens of thousands of mature growth trees each year. And even worse, the EPA states that Landfills are the third largest contributor of methane gas to the Earth’s atmosphere. Methane is a Greenhouse gas that destroys the ozone layer.

Do The Math

If you spend .025 cents on a pulp coaster that lasts 2-3 days, and you buy 10 cases per year, you will add to our landfills about 35,000 contaminated coasters (Two Tons!) and spent $875 each year with nothing more to show for it. In one year 420,000 rotting, contaminated, methane producing coasters in the landfills with YOUR name on them!

If you spend as low as .16 cents per Magic Mug Rug, that last for years, $875 will produce 5,468 coasters each year that build your brand and enforce your company’s commitment to the environment for years to come.

We don’t know the life of a Magic Mug Rug other than the first one off the line in 1994 is still in use 20 years later… on Mike Meier’s desk!